By Suzanne Foster
Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry
For songwriters and lyric-writers
who have been waiting to try
selling their first song or lyric,
there may never be a better time
than now to start
selling your

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sell your
songs or lyrics
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Sell Your Songs and Lyrics & Get Advance Payments
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When it comes to selling your
songs and lyrics,  songwriters
and lyric-writers
today have it
much easier than they did just a
few years ago.

More songs are now bought,
sold and downloaded online
than almost any other way, and
fortunately for songwriters,
singing competitions
continue to
churn out new singing stars who

write songs - and depend
on songwriters and lyric writers
to provide them with new song
material to record.  

All of this has lead to more and
songwriters and lyric
earning a record amount
of songwriter royalties.  
Selling your songs and lyrics can be
done much easier online that it could
just a few years ago, when
songwriters had to show up at live
performances of singers and artists
and slip them a demo tape.

Many recording artists and their
managers have their own websites,
where you can contact them and even
upload or e-mail a copy of your song.  
If they like it, they can work on it in the
studio, and send you a
contract or agreement if they want to
record the song.  As a songwriter, you
never even have to leave your home to
sell your songs or lyrics.