By Louise Singleton
Helping Songwriters & Lyricists Succeed in the Music Industry
Getting Paid For Your Songs and Lyrics:  
3 Ways to Earn Songwriter Royalties, Advances and Other Payments
As a songwriter or lyricist, it's
important to make sure that you
get paid properly for the songs
and lyrics you write. Since there
are many ways you can
money writing songs, such as
songwriting royalties, advances,
co-writing fees,  let's review
each one to make sure you get
paid properly for each song or
lyric that you write and sell.

It's always a good idea to discuss
songwriting payment terms
whenever you submit your songs
and lyrics to
Recording Artists,
Record Companies, Producers,

gents and Managers,  just so
you know how and when you will
paid, right from the beginning.
For example, lyric- writers can co-write
with a composer or producer and
Earn 50% of the songwriter royalties.
In fact,
co-writing songs is a great way
 lyric-writers to earn money.

Here are 3 ways that
songwriters and
lyric-writers are paid:

1. Songwriting Advances

In some cases, a record company will
offer a
songwriter or recording artist an
advance payment, which is a payment to
the writer or artist in advance of sales
and royalties, and is eventually deducted
from the song's eventual earnings.  
2. Songwriting Royalties

Royalties are how songwriters and
earn most of their money in
the music industry.  Every time a song
is bought, sold or played in public, the