.....    By Marianne Harper
Get a Full-Time Job Writing Greeting Cards
If you would like to write greeting cards
either on a full-time, part-time or
freelance basis, getting started is
actually easier than you might think.  
Because there are so many new
greeting card
publishers producing,
the jobs and opportunities are growing
every day for
writers and poets to start
writing greeting cards.

There are several new and up-to-date
directories of greeting card
available to writers everywhere, and
you can start by applying to the ones
closest to where you live.  But with the
option of writing from home, you can
literally work for any greeting card
publisher -  and possibly even
freelance for more than one!

Whether you're a
writer, a poet or a
novelist,  the greeting card publishers
make it
easy for new writers to get
started writing greeting cards
, as each
greeting card
publisher will send you
writer's guidelines, and tell you
specifically what type of greeting cards
they are looking for - and how much
money they will pay you for each new
greeting card idea that you send them.
The Greeting Card industry has gone
through many changes in the last few
years, but one of the biggest changes is
how many new greeting card
there are.  And according to the recent
Writer's Job Postings, many of the
publishers are
currently hiring greeting
card writers
. Not too long ago, there
were just a few big card
publishers who
had the market all to themselves. But the

greeting card business has blossomed
into a billion dollar industry, and that
brought hundreds of new greeting card
publishers into the picture.  The good
news for
writers is that there are now so
many greeting card
publishers that need
writers!  And this is what's made it  
possible for so many new
everywhere to get started in a new and
exciting career writing greeting cards.
You can browse through THIS
POSTINGS which include jobs
for greeting card writers
, here.  
These jobs go quickly, and
postings are taken down when
jobs are filled. So if you're
interested in the
current Greeting
Card Writing Jobs, click here.
Also, the 2016 Greeting Card
Writer's Success Kit is now
available. If you're interested in
starting a career as a greeting
card writer, this kit is essential,
and will give you a considerable
head start when applying for
greeting card writing jobs.  If
you're ready to start writing
greeting cards and become a
published writer, click here to go
to the next page and get started
as a greeting card writer!
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