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Poems into Publishing Royalties
.......   .By Linda Scott-Reynolds
you can target your poems to the
right publications. If you do that,
and if you truly have talent when
it comes to
writing poetry, you
anyone when it comes to
publishing your poetry.

Keep in mind that you still have
to write good, unique, original
poetry.  But once you’ve written
some unique poetry that you feel
deserves to
be published, you
simply have to send a sample of
your best poetry and a letter of
introduction to the
Publishers that you selected.

So do some research, or just
enough to familiarize yourself
with today's poetry market. Then,
choose one or two of your best
poems that you feel deserve to
be published, and
submit  your
to any of the publishers
your poems are suited to.
When I checked the circulation
numbers of current poetry journals
was pleasantly surprised to see
just how many people are reading
new poetry every month. After all, it's
this large number of poetry readers
buying the
poetry books and
subscribing to the poetry journals
and magazines that confirms the
poetry market is alive and well.  And
if you’re like me and like to
and want to publish your
, this is very good news.

If you want to
publish your poetry, I
think it’s a great idea to start with a
visit to your local bookstore. Check
out the poetry journals, magazines,
collections, anthologies and poetry
books currently available. This will
give you a good idea of just how
poetry is published today,
and will also help narrow down your
list of which
Poetry Publishers and
publications are best suited to
publish your poetry.
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