Creating a Resume
for Songwriting Jobs

A resume for a singer or a
is really not
that different than a
resume would be for any
other job, such as a
journalist or jingle writer.

You simply need to tell
about your singing or

and what qualifies you for
the role. Mention all the
music-related  projects
you've worked on, what
type of songs or writing
you specialize in, what
type of work you're looking
for, and of course, the
best way to reach you.  

Include any music or

courses or
seminars you attended, as
well as any experience
you have
writing songs
and lyrics
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Fortunately for songwriters and
lyric-writers, more and more
recording artists today don't write
songs.  Perhaps they should be
thankful for all of TV's singing
competitions, which seem to churn
out more and more great singers
who need to get songs written for
them by songwriters like you.

Even some of today's top artists, such
as Rihanna or Carrie Underwood,
don't write most of their own material.
Since music-marketing began,  the
image of  
Recording Artists has been
more important than who wrote the
song, and this has created a bigger
role for

Many record companies, music
publishers  and producers will all at
times employ
songwriters, lyricists &
co-writers to write and create original
songs for their
Recording Artists.

Getting a full-time or part-time job as
songwriter may be  ... continued ...
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