By Louise Singleton
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Many songwriters and lyricists are
surprised to learn that there are
people out there who earn their living
by writing songs and lyrics.  It may
not be like the famed Brill-building
songwriting houses where so many
got their start,  but there
are many music publishers, record
companies and
music producers
that represent artists and bands and
need to supply them with a steady
flow of fresh,  new,  original songs.  
There are also ad agencies and
media companies who employ
songwriters and lyricists to write
and create jingles for their
promotional campaigns.

There have been many groups like
One Direction, that were created for
their sales and marketing potential
more than their
songwriting skills,
and ever since music-marketing began,  
the image of  
Recording Artists  has
been more important than who actually
wrote the song - and this has created a
bigger role for
songwriters and

For this reason, record companies,
production companies and music
publishers will all at times employ
songwriters, lyricists and co-writers to
write new, original songs for their
Recording Artists.

Getting a job as a
songwriter may not
be suited to every writer.  After all, to do
this, a
songwriter must be comfortable
with their role in the background, and a
songwriter who wants the "star
may not fare songwriters
who want to write and record their own
songs may not want other artists
succeeding with  their songs.  
However, this can provide a ...