Get a Manager
to Pitch Your Songs & Lyrics
and Guide Your Career
in the Music-Industry

  •  Updated for 2017! Complete listings of over 250 Managers & Agents including contact addresses
  •  New expanded section on how to find the right Manager or Agent to guide your career
  •  How to contact Managers and evaluate their services and what they can offer you
  •  Sample Songwriter-Management Contract for you to review  ...  plus more!        
The Songwriter's Manager and Agent Directory
If you're a songwriter, lyricist or singer, you can
get a manager to
pitch your songs and lyrics for
you to record companies, music publishers and
recording artists.  
They can manage the sale of  your songs & lyrics,
and ensure your copyrights and royalty rights are
in place, so that you collect
songwriting royalties.
Finding the right Manager can be the first step to
becoming a successful
songwriter. So if you
write songs, poems or lyrics, why not let a
professional guide your career in the music
industry and look after the sale of your songs?
Get a Manager to Guide Your
Songwriting or Singing Career
Written and Compiled by
Susan E. Milner and Robin Hodges
Finding the right manager can often be the first step to becoming a successful songwriter.  
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